Top Five Reasons to Rent a Corporate Limousine


Business travelers commonly face transportation issues in airports and crowded cities. In a corporate arena where time is money and image is paramount, executives and business travelers turn to corporate limousines for an all-in-one solution. Corporate limousines can offer a great deal more than airport pick-ups and drop-offs, and the discerning executive will find many reasons to rent and make the most of his or her corporate limousine rental service.
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Corporate limousine services typically enjoy higher customer satisfaction ratings as compared to other rental services. Since corporate customers are high-paying and often bring in repeat business, it is in the interest of limousine providers to give them the best possible value for their money. The following are the top five reasons which make corporate limousines popular among businesses:

1. Reliability . The best corporate limousine providers build their credibility on being reliable. Time is especially valuable in business, which is why corporates rely on limousines to provide excellent and timely transportation. With a good limousine company, businesses no longer have to worry about getting to the airport or to an important meeting on time, and the same holds true for receiving corporate guests.

2. Service . A business traveler expects a high standard of service and has different needs as compared to visiting tourists. Especially when businesses rent limousine services for visiting executives or corporate account holders, they want the highest quality of service for their money. The best limousine rental companies understand the specific needs and mindset of executives, and deliver on the promise of immaculate service – with a smile.

3. Style . Image is very important in business, and arriving in style to a business meeting or function is part of the doing a good job. Corporate limousines are decked out with all manner of luxuries and glamorous features. With a corporate limousine, executives can luxuriate in the comfort of Mercedes, SUVs and stretch limousines while making a statement to their clients and competitors.

4. Convenience . Luxury transport with a corporate limousine can offer the ultimate in convenience. Corporate limousine services offer pick-ups and drop-offs at any location within the city or even the country, so that business travelers do not have to wait in queues for taxis or drive through crowded streets. Corporate limousines can be used not only for business meetings, functions and site inspections, but also for sightseeing during off-hours.

5. Price . Given the luxury, convenience and reliability of a good corporate limousine service, renting a limousine can be surprisingly cost-effective. Since corporal limousine providers aim to cultivate repeat clients, they often offer corporate discounts, packages and hotel deals to visiting executives, which makes corporal limousine rental a lucrative deal.

These reasons hold true for the best limousine rental companies, but finding exceptional service does require some research. Since businesses are money-smart and discerning, they are quick to spot good deals and build long associations with high quality providers. This makes corporal limousine rental a fairly competitive business where companies are always driving to provide the best service for the best price.


Celebrity Millennium Mediterranean Cruise Review


We sailed from Marseille on a Mediterranean cruise with Celebrity, on the Millennium. A business meeting in Dublin caused us to miss the first day of the cruise from Barcelona, ​​but since that was also where the cruise ended, we knew we would see it anyway. Marseille – taxi from airport 40 euros. Arrived in the rain, so tired that we decided to sleep the day away rather than visit Marseilles or nearby Provence.

Dinner companions included a couple from Northern Ireland, a couple from Holland Park in London and another from Miami. Traveling with my best friend was an asset as we moved around the table nightly to talk to the others at the table.

Food. The first night, I was disappointed by the food. Celebrity has such a fine reputation for food that I was expecting more. My cruising experience is not far to this point, but I was expecting it to be better than Holland America, and it was not. On our first formal night there were only 6 of us rather than 8, and the food was excellent. After a LONG day in Rome, we opted for the buffet dinner, which was fine and filling, but not memorable by any stretch of the imagination. Lunches on board were the usual salads, hot meals, hamburgers and pizza, which the very popular ice cream bar.

Spa: The first day on board, we signed up for everything for our day at sea – classes, lectures, and a pedicure. It was excellent. However, being a day at sea, the only spa appointment to be had was at 8AM, and that early start required that I take a nap (oh the luxury of cruises) late morning to recoup. Our day at sea was event filled, from pedicures to a shopping lecture to an art auction, ribbon rose making, lunch, spa lectures, history lectures and more. We had so many things on our agenda that we missed our Cruise Critic meeting and a few other things as well. Simply too much to do.

Our ports: Villefranche, the port for Nice was alluring, with its typical Cote d Azur landscape of seafront restaurants with their awnings blowing in the breeze, ochre and saffron colored houses stretching up the hillside, citadel and gardens. The charming small town of Villefranche easily occupied us for an afternoon, but fellow travelers marveled at the beautiful hilltop village of Eze, and the ease of taking the train to Monaco or to Nice and Cannes. In half an hour and only for a few euros, you are in the center of Cannes or Monaco.

For Rome, our port was Civitavecchia, well worth a miss on a Sunday. The train to Rome is about an hour and a half from there, but the infrequent train schedule on a Sunday (check Trentitalia before you leave), caused us to wait an hour for the train, and arrive in Rome too late for our appointment at the Villa Borghese, which has Rome's premier collection of masterpieces, including works by Titian, Caravaggio and Raphael .. In any event, by friend was able to talk our way into the fabulous art collection at that late hour, and for free as well. It was raining when we came out, a reason to stay in the museum café and have an overpriced (although typical for Rome) lunch before making our way to St. Paul. Peter's. We had both visited previously, so ours was just a quick visit to Google some of the things we had missed on other occasions.

Afterwards, a taxi to the train station had us arrive, panting, just in time for our train back to the port. A misunderstanding mean that we did not have tickets, and were fined for not having a ticket when boarding, but the whole trip was worth the expense.

Mykonos We docked at 1PM, and took the shuttle to the town for $ 10 each. We walked around the harbor, mainly browsing the shops, but also seeing the local church and the Catholic church, the windmills, Little Venice, and walking the winding alleyways with the whitewashed houses, agedan blue doors and purple bouganvilla. Back on board, the Greek dancers brought on board made the atmosphere more special. We took a shore excursion.

Ephesus – the highlight of the trip . An unusually early departure 715Am for a full day tour that included Mary's House, Ephesus, a museum, and St John's Church. Marys houses was the most solemn and serene place of the day. In the cool air of morning seen by what I believe were laurel trees, it was wonderful. The trek through Ephesus, by contrast was out in the blazing sun (even in May), but was the highlight of our cruise. It was most impressive – from the men's latrine, the library, to the amphitheater, and more. The museum had many mosaics and statues from the area. St. John's church was interesting as well. I did not care for the rug store we were shown at the end. The vendors in all shops were TOO aggressive.

A lazy day at sea followed, with lectures, art auction, theater, films and more. Palermo. My choice was to give it a miss, and none of the shore excursions sounded interested. We did explore on pour own, during siesta, when the shops were closed. It was a mistake – I have never seen a dirtier, less friendly city. We walked to the cathedral and the opera house. I should have stayed on board.

Barcelona: Our cruise ended in Barcelona. We chose a late departure from the ship, and took a taxi to the train station. We were able to store our luggage in lockers, and then take a hop on hop off tour of the city right outside the station. The train to the airport was simple and inexpensive, and easy walk to the terminals. The RENFE train service runs approximately every 30 mins to and from Barcelona airport to the city center. Travel time approximately 25 minutes. You can catch the train from Estacio de Franca, Passeig de Gracia, or Barcelona Sants (other known as Sants Estacion) The name of the stop you want for the airport is Aeropuerto.


Florida Holidays Are Perfect For Families


When it comes to family holidays, Florida always pops out in the conversations. What makes Florida a favorite family holiday destination? Florida holidays are perfect for families because Florida has loads of attractions for the whole family.

Here are some of the Florida family attractions that await families:

• The Adventure Island in Tampa, Florida is ideal for some water fun. This water theme park has attractions like slides, waterfalls, and waves. This is not just designed for kids but for all ages. It is always a good idea to squeeze some water fun on your family holiday itinerary. Getting water soaked during your holiday trip never fails in terms of excitement and fun.

• If traveling with children, a not to miss attraction in Florida is the Miami Children's Museum. This museum is not just all about play; it is about learning as well. The museum has a wide range of interactive learning exhibits for children. Your children will definitely be hooked on these exhibits. Another interesting museum for children is the Miami Science Museum. Children can marvel at great displays featuring Planetarium and Wildlife.

• Who has not heard of the Ripley's Believe It Or Not? You can enjoy unbelievable facts and displays at Ripley's Believe It Or Not in Orlando. You will be amazed at bizarre and unique things, artefacts, and facts that are actually true – believe it or not!

• One of the main family attractions of Florida is the Walt Disney World. Everyone in the family will certainly take delight in visiting the four theme parks at Disney World: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. A holiday trip to Florida will be complete without a visit to these theme parks.

• You can experience new things in the Imaginarium Hands-on Museum. Some of the main features of this museum are the Hurricane Experience, 3D movies, and Sea to See Touch tanks. You will take pleasure in having live and hands on experience on a lot of things.

• You can add a bit of thrill in your holiday by joining a guided Ghost Tour of St.. Augustine in Florida. There are many different tours to choose from. You can choose from riding tours, sailing tours, and walking tours. These tours will surely give you goose bumps but it will be an experience to remember.

Florida holidays are absolutely perfect for families. With all these attractions, who would say no to Florida holidays?


Italy and the US Are not the Only Pizza Loving Countries in the World


Everyone knows that Italy is the pizza capitol of the world. They also know that America consumes huge quantities of pizza. It's estimated that three billion pizzas are eaten every year in the US And five billion pizzas are consumed world-wide. That means other countries enjoy pizza as well. It's become an international food that's popular almost everywhere in one form or another.

In the US 36% of all pizza orders include pepperoni as a topping. This is not true everywhere. Here are a few of the toppings that are popular in other countries.

India -Pickled ginger, minced mutton, and Paneer cheese. Tandoori chicken is also becoming more popular.
Russia – Red herring, and Mockba – which is a combination of sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon, and onions. They prefer it served cold.
Japan – Squid, eel, and MayoJaga – which is a mix of mayonnaise, potato, and bacon.
Pakistan – Curry
Australians – Shrimp and pineapple
Kuwait – Shawarma – A type of grilled chicken or beef topped with hummus and sliced ​​pickles
France – Assorted specialty cheeses
Costa Rica – Coconut
Malaysia- Pork is not eaten so their pizzas are topped with chicken or turkey.
Netherlands – The "Double Dutch" with double angles, cheese, and beef.
Venezuela – Pepperoni, vegetarian, and anchovies

Even within countries such as America, you find an assortment of different kinds of pizza based on geography. There's the infamous deep dish pizza in Chicago, and California style pizza baked in a wood burning stove. Some claim that New York style pizza is the best. Hawaiian pizzas topped with ham and pineapple have gained a loyal following. There are even Thai pizzas and BBQ pizzas.
Gourmet pizzas have become trendy in the last few years. Some of the unique toppings on these specialty pizzas include:

• Oysters
• Sprouts
• Eggplant
• Caviar
• Lamb
• Tofu
• Calamari
• Cajun Shrimp
• Artichoke hearts
• Dandelions (no, I'm not kidding)
• Duck
• Venison

In other words, almost every type of food has been tried as a pizza topping, including peanut butter and jelly; but that one did not last long.

When you're making your own pizza at home, there's endless possibilities with a healthy imagination. Pull out the leftovers and try something different or visit your favorite pizzeria today … Who knows, you might create a new taste sensation that will be popular world-wide. Or at least amuse your kids.

Whether you live in America, Italy, Russia, Japan or almost any other country, you can find a restaurant that serves pizza. There may be national variations, but it's basically a similar concept with special nuances.

So be brave. The next time you visit another country, try a slice of local flavor. Order a mackerel topped pizza in Russia or some eel in Japan. It may turn out to be your new favorite.


Free Apple MacBook Games


Anyone can download and enjoy free Apple MacBook games. While the games that are compatible with Windows OS is not compatible with the OS installed on MacBooks, special versions of the games are available for the MacBook. Additionally, Apple too has introduced a few games into the market for the Mac OS X.

There are some very cool free Apple MacBook games available online. From remakes of the classic games, to brand new exciting games, there is a wide variety of games available for MacBooks. These games are offered free of cost on a number of sites, where all a person has to do to download the games is to sign up with the sites and complete a few formalities. However, some sites allow you to download games free, no strings attached!

Feel the pleasure of playing free Apple MacBook games with adventures, puzzles and magic: Azada. The aim of the game is to release Titus, who is trapped in the magical book called Azada. Each of the pages inside the book has interesting jigsaw puzzles, based on objects and logic. Each of the pages from the book needs to be solved before the main character of the game is free. In the second version of the game, although Titus is free from the book of magic, he needs to still be freed from the danger of magic spell. Enter more than twenty books and solve all the puzzles to free Titus’ uncle from the witch’s spell.

Another free Apple MacBook game for children who love Christmas is Christmasville; the goal is to find Santa Claus, who is missing. Christmasville is a game where the player has to find Santa Claus by working his or her way through eighty odd stages of the game and meet loads of creatures that are associated with the season: Reindeers, the Abominable Snowman, etc. players have to collect hidden objects that aid in finding Santa.

Build It! Miami Beach Resort is another free Apple MacBook game that is available for download on a few select sites. Build your city and watch it grow every year, make money from renting out hotel rooms, running restaurants and more. Enjoy playing the game with tropical environments, unique hotels and shops and build your city through decades together!


Are You Traveling to Florida?


Florida is a southern state in the United States by the ocean with a lot of coastal beaches like South Beach with the art deco and a lot of tourist attractions. It is my favorite state. There are other coastal states with beaches, but Florida is the most famous. This article is about traveling to Florida.

There are more different kinds of fish in Florida’s water than anywhere else in the world. The fresh water lakes and rivers are filled with fish, and the ocean water contains many kinds of fish also. Florida has the most egrets, herons, and pelicans north of the Caribbean Sea. There are alligators in the swamps.

Miami, in Dade County, is a famous resort city. Miami’s largest industry is the tourists. The city can accommodate many visitors at the same time. Miami Beach has thousands of apartment buildings and hotels that are open all year long with lower costs in the summer. Many of the hotels are very luxurious. The white sand beaches, palm trees, tropical climate, and recreational areas attract millions of tourists to Miami every year. Many retired people in the United States move to Miami because of the healthy climate there.

The Florida Keys are a group of small islands that are made out of coral reef formations. The Keys begin at Biscayne Bay and stretch out into the Gulf of Mexico. They are connected to the mainland by an overseas highway that is more than a hundred miles long. The Keys have many tourist attractions, including beautiful beaches. Key West is the farthest Florida Key away from the mainland and it is the Southernmost point of the United States. Key West is also the only place in the United States that has just the right tropical climate to grow key limes.


Living in Sunny Isles Beach


Sunny Isles Beach, Florida is in Miami-Dade County. This city has the best of both worlds in terms of Miami living. It is one of the areas smaller communities but still has all the benefits of city life due to the easy access to nearby cities.

Sunny Isles Beach has a rich history. The community was established in 1920 when a private investor bought 2.26 square miles of land in the area and named it Sunny Isles. Thanks to the construction of Haulover Bridge in 1925, which has access to the area from Miami Beach, Sunny Isles continues to grow. The bridge construction attracted a number of developers to the area, who began building high class waterfront properties. After these properties, came the construction of various condominium communities in the 1970's. Since then, it has become increasingly popular and is now one of the most desirable oceanfront communities.

Sunny Isles is known as the City of Sun and Sand. It is located on a barrier island in the northeast corner of Miami-Dade County. Because it is located midway between downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale, it provides easy access to business centers, entertainment, nightlife, sports and other city life.

Sunny Isles is visited by over 1 million vacationers every year. People continue to visit and move to the area because of its 2 miles miles of golden sand beaches and crisp blue waters. Sunny Isles offers great opportunities for various water sports including fishing and boating. The city itself offers many other amenities. Vacationers and permanent residents enjoy abundant variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

The emphasis of most of the redevelopment is on residential condominium construction. The city is steadily replacing outdated motels with luxury residential oceanfront development. Much of the residential construction is not for year-round occupancy, however the statistics show a steady growth in young families who desire to be near the ocean.

Sunny Isles Beach has quickly become one of the most desirable places to live. With golden, sandy beaches, a variety of oceanfront properties for sale, and breathtaking views, it has become an ideal place to live and work. With the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Intracoastal Waterway to the west, most real estate of the area offers a variety of breathtaking views and scenery. Sunny Isles Beach is rapidly becoming what will soon be one of the most luxurious stretches of beach you will find in the world and a perfect place to live.


The 15 Best Venues for Outdoor Weddings in the USA


There are many perfect outdoor wedding venues all over the country. We have narrowed it down to the fifteen of the best spots for an outdoor wedding in the country.

1. Maui, Hawaii
Hawaii is the perfect go-to destination for wedding locations because of its stunning beaches and very hospitable people. This island is known to be the most romantic island in Hawaii because of the waterfalls and lush landscape. Winter and early spring are the peak seasons so be sure to book your wedding when there are fewer guests.

2. Laguna Gloria in Austin, Texas
This ideal location is referred to as one of the best wedding venues by The Knot. It offers an Italian Villa-inspired aura that attracts patrons from all over the country. The winding Colorado River can be seen from the villa and adds to the perfect view. The building is lit in different colors after sunset, which adds to its appeal.

3. Kauai, Hawaii
Kauai is the least developed island in the state of Hawaii. The untouched flora and fauna abound in the island and is a good choice for nature-loving couples. The waters in the beaches are also clear as crystal. This is one of the best choices for beach weddings. The lush tropical landscape of the island earned its moniker "The Garden of Isle".

4. Napa Valley, California
Napa Valley is known for producing some of the best wines in the country. The picturesque valley offers a nice back to the romantic vineyards of Napa. The sunny weather of California offers additional warmth to your outdoor wedding. During the month of September, many people come to visit since it is the harvest season. It is best to book during months when there are few visitors.

5. Rimrock Ranch in Pioneertown, California
This wedding spot is perfect for a couple who desire a Bohemian-inspired wedding. The ranch resembles a scene out of the wild, wild west and there are plenty of cabins available for guests. A good barbecue is ideal for the reception.

6. Miami, Florida
Miami is famous for its weather and its beaches. There are many nightclubs around the city and this is perfect for couples who want a Caribbean-inspired wedding but on home soil. The city is also known for its amazing food which blends American culture with a Latin American kick.

7. San Francisco, California
The Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of Fine Arts are two of the most iconic wedding landmarks in the country. Aside from the nice weather and rolling hills, the old Victorian architecture adds to the perfect view. There are many parks scattered around the city which can be rented and used for your dream wedding.

8. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
The Teton Mountains are a majestic drop to that wonderful wedding that couples look forward to. The breath-taking view of the snow-covered mountain makes it extra special. This is perfect for guests who want to do some hiking and go to museums and bars. It is important, however, to check the weather update before you book as the area is a lot of storms.

9. Jardin de Buis in New Jersey
The magnificent topiaries and labyrinth of Jardin de Buis is an excellent choice for couples who look forward to a romantic and glamorous garden wedding. The estate grounds feature green houses, a barn and tall, mature trees.

10. New York City
New York City has many facilities and hotels that can be used for weddings. What makes New York City a perfect outdoor wedding choice is its urban landscape. At night, office building lights add to the romantic mood of a perfect outdoor wedding location. Although some hotels may be expensive, there are many parks and rooftop wedding venues in this big city.

11. The Big Island, Hawaii
The largest island in Hawaii, The Big Island is a perfect destination for couples who want to tie the knot amidst the breeze of Hawaii's blue waters. Suggested activities are snorkeling, horseback riding, nature trekking and of course, strolling through Hawaii's perfect beaches.

12. Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado
The snow covered mountains of Aspen Colorado is a perfect background for couples who would like a change for the usual beach wedding. Guests can go skiing and do other outdoor snow activities. The view of the mountains with the pine trees are picturesque additions to that picture-perfect wedding that couples dream of.

13. Newport, Rhode Island
Newport, Rhode Island is a simple yet fulfilling choice for couples. The lighthouses in the background relive the glory of New England. Newport is warmest during summer so it is highly advised to book at these times.

14. Froggsong Gardens in Seattle, Washington
For couples who are planning a garden wedding, this is a good choice with an amazing garden landscape. Guests can also explore the richness of Seattle as there are many good restaurants and museums in the city.

15. Dunton Hot Springs in Dolores, Colorado
This is a unique wedding destination since this is a restored ghost town. As a matter of fact, couples can rent the entire town for their own liking. There are also spas, fitness centers and a hiking trail for your wedding guests. Plus, during the winter, its picturesque snow-scapes are a perfect backdrop to your wedding ceremony.


Jade Beach Condo in Sunny Isles Florida


A Jade Beach Sunny Isles condo can be found on what is considered the "ultimate beachfront destination". This construction towers amounts of pristine beach and the aqua blue water of the Atlantic Ocean. As a Miami condo, there is nothing like Jade Beach condominiums. They have become a South Florida landmark where guests enjoy the very best in luxury living. This fifty-one story tower houses 248 modern residences with some of the most striking features upon entering. Elegance is defined by the five-story diamond shaped waterfall that adorns its facade. The landscaped gardens are lush with tropical plants and reflection pools that lead to a staircase that places you right at the valet entrance.

The water scenery is impressive from the porte cochere that overlooks Sunny Isles and the city of Miami. As you proceed, a valet will assist you upon entering the three-story lobby that stretches through the building to breathtaking views of the Atlantic. The avant-garde design of the lobby will certainly give you an idea of ​​the ultra-modern elegance of these Miami condos. Your concierge will see to it that your every need is met and further assure you that no detail will be taken for granted.

The uniqueness of Jade Beach is evident as you discover a "W" shaped infinity pool that can be seen from the lobby. The finest contemporary furnishings are found in the three main lobby areas. Designer rugs, furniture and recliners by Fendi fill these spacious areas where you and neighbors can relax for a social gathering. The living quarters at the Jade Beach Sunny Isles condos are just as comfortable and elegant. The flow through design of the units allow for tons of space. They are equipped with a smart panel where your virtual butler may be called upon to assist with your needs of each day.

The Jade Beach development can offer you both serenity and entertainment. It is located minutes from the city life of Miami where you can indulge in fine dining and high-end shopping at the Aventura Mall and Bal Harbor shops. The Sunny Isles condos of Jade Beach are home to second, third and fourth homeowners who have fallen in love with this Miami community where everything that makes for a luxury lifestyle can be experienced.

Jade Beach is the product of the architectural makings of Carlos Ott and represents a standard of living for which South Florida is known. When you visit Sunny Isles, come and bask in the tropical ambiance of Jade Beach.


Luxury Hotels in The USA


The decisions are plentiful when it comes to deciding which luxury hotel in Miami to stay in. With stunning views of the river or the ocean. Known for showing off the sun and sea, these stylish, soothing sanctuaries are a destination you will not want to miss. Some with vaulted ceilings, glass walls and shimmering pools all create a beautiful atmosphere fit for a king, or queen. Exceptional amenities and luxury service from hotel spas to in-room spa treatments, and a night-life to remember forever. Dancing, live entertainment and exceptional restaurants are everywhere and most are within walking distance from the hotel.

Miami hotels offer so much more than a place to rest your head. There are many features at these hotels. Sidewalk breakfast cafe's, pool side snack bars, elegant meeting rooms and the list just goes on and on. Step outside the doors of any of these hotels in any direction and you will find yourself exactly feet from sandy beaches, alluring dinning spots, designer shops and trend setting boutiques. During the night, the nightlife is totally electrifying. Theaters and live entertainment or just going to the bar for some drinking and socializing. You can do it all from any hotel here in Miami. One hotel that really stands out from the rest is the Gansevoort South. This Miami hotel is sure to tantalise all your tastebuds with all it has to offer.

San Francisco hotels are exceptional. Premier accommodations close to exciting attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Ghirardelli Square, Pier 39 and more. The famous Cable Cars are close by some hotels. Some of these hotels offer drinks and dining in a casual outdoor setting. With superb fire pits to keep everyone warm and cozy while enjoying the fresh air outside. Dine out in one of many restaurants to eat Sushi or Grilled Chicken Quesadillas. Seafood is a must have when staying here. Then relax with your favorite Martini or find a new drink to enjoy.

A couple of the best hotels based in San Francisco are the Post Ranch Inn & The Clift. Make sure you have a look at them as they are sure to suit all your needs.

With luxury hotels all over the country, it might be hard to decide which one you should stay at. It does not matter if you're traveling on a vacation for romance or business. With extraordinary cuisine, glittering night life, to bistros that have theaters in them and sushi bars. Luxury hotels have more to offer. In the fact that you pay more, you also get more for your money. From exotic food to Asian cuisine, with tropical rainforest settings. From two to two hundred, these luxury hotels have some of the best experiences in the world to offer you and your guests.