Buying Florida Investment Properties and Where It's Hot


Relaxing in Style: Florida Investment Properties

In Florida, relaxing in the sun and sand is a way of life. There's no better way to experience a slice of Florida living than buying your own space. Florida Investment Property provide just that – a place that you can return to year after year for the perfect vacation. One of the pleasures of living and vacationing in this peninsula state is that no matter where you go, the warm, inviting beach is nearby. Florida's attractions can also be in your neighborhood when you decide on a Florida Investment Property.

Inland, you'll find Florida Investment Properties in every city and vacation destination. From tiny beachfront flats to grand sky-scrapping apartment homes, you'll find a range of choices and prices to consider. Florida Investment Properties can be just about any property with a Florida style that becomes your home away from home.

A condominium gives you and your family easy access to Florida's unparallel beaches and attractions. A comfortable space where you can come and go as you please, Florida Investment Properties offer a way for visitors to get a taste of Florida living. Many of the most affordable condos lie near attractions such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Florida Investment Properties allow families to split their time between the excitement of theme parks and the relaxing calm of the waves.

Finding Florida Investment Property

There are plenty of perfect locations for Florida Investment Properties. From the historic sands of St. Augustine to the urban shores of Miami Beach, the beautiful Gulf of Mexico to the roaring surf of the Atlantic in Daytona. At any of these spots you can find a wealth of properties for sale in central Florida. Below are the hot spots for Florida investment property. In these locations, Florida Investment Properties describe a certain way of living and can be right around the waves or a few miles inland. In Orlando Florida, a condo near the attractions is still a short car ride away from the beach. As the saying goes, what matters is location, location, location.

Properties for sale in Central Florida

Orlando's central location makes it a perfect fit for vacationers who want it all. In the middle of attractions, beaches and the arts, Orlando is more of an area than just a city. You'll find luxury Caribbean inspired condos central to Disney and the renovated Cypress Gardens. These villas offer families a place to settle near exciting theme parks with a relaxing residence to call home.

Families can find a diverse spread of activities to suit teens and toddlers. Apart from the theme parks, Orlando is home to upscale halls and outlets, museums and clubs. Because Orlando is smack in the middle of Florida, it is an easy place to launch a day or weekend trip. Kennedy Space Center is only an hour away, as well as Tampa Florida and Daytona Beach.
When you decide to make Orlando your spot for a Florida Investment Property purchase, there are plenty of choices for your home away from home. Properties located close to the theme parks are a great choice because of their centralized location. One property close to Walt Disney World in Davenport Florida, called the Bimini Bay Resort, gives owners a cool, Caribbean style bungalow complete with all comforts of home.

Florida Investment Properties like the Bimini Bay Resort are unique in the quiet retreat they offer. Unlike hotels near the theme parks that are often crowed with other visitors, your own Florida Investment Property lets your family relax in a comfortable place that's all your own. Davenport is also minutes from Cypress Gardens, a newly constructed adventure park.

Kissimmee, another Central Florida town close to the theme parks is home to family resorts at discount rates. Kids and parents can both find fun in the Kissimmee area. In the middle of outlet halls, amusement parks and exciting dining experiences like Medieval Times, this is one of Central Florida's best vacation deals.

If you decide on a beachside condominium, New Smyrna, Daytona and Cocoa Beach are Orlando's hotspots. These Florida Investment Properties will still keep you close to Orlando's attractions. A home near the Atlantic Ocean gives families a true taste of the Florida lifestyle.

4. South Florida Investment Property Purchases

Apart from Orlando, there are plenty of beachside towns to house your perfect Florida Investment Property. Below you'll find a snapshot of beautiful beachside cities spread through the state. Consider what your family needs in a Florida Investment Property -; a place to get away in a quiet corner of the state or a thriving town with plenty of activities for everyone.

One beach destination in Florida is Sarasota. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota is an artsy town home to a lot of condominiums owned by retired men and women. These Florida Investment Propers tend to be in high price ranges though they are beautiful. Sarasota is home to quaint shopping areas by the beach as well as cozy marinas and restaurants.
Along the Gulf of Mexico is a saint of a beach perfect for a condominium purchase. St. Petersburg, just below Tampa is another quiet place to own a Florida Investment Property. St. Pete is a relaxed beach town dotted with bed and breakfasts, family owned restaurants and ritzy hotels.

If a spicier place is where you want your Florida Investment Property, then cruise on down to Miami. This non-stop town is the place for a jet set young couple ready to party. Just on the tip of the sunshine state, Miami is a Latin hub filled with nightlife and hot beaches.

5. North Florida Investment Property Purchases

On the opposite tip of the state than Miami is Destin beach. Located in what Floridians call the panhandle, Destin is known for snow-white beaches and quiet vacation destinations near the capital of Tallahassee. Here, Florida Investment Properties are close to the border states of Alabama and Georgia; perfect for border hopping if you so choose. Destin also offers places where you can camp right on the Gulf (that is, if you want to leave your comfy condominium for a night).

St. Augustine is also an exciting place to vacation in a Florida Investment Property. For history buffs, this is the place to find the oldest settlements in Florida. From the Spanish fort made of shells to the oldest schoolhouse, St. Augustine surrounds visitors with nostalgia. There are also plenty of opportunities for golf and tennis at the nearby resort town of Ponte Vedra Beach.

Where to Start Shopping for Florida Investment Property

According to Florida's official website for visitors, , Florida welcomed 74.5 million visitors from around the world in 2003. Once you decide on Florida as the place for your vacation, the daunting task of finding the right condominium purchase lies before you. is a good starting ground for learning more about everything Florida has to offer. The official website for visiting the state, you can contact the Florida tourism bureau directly with questions. From the site you can also access booking calendars and even keep a list of your family's reservations. Here, industry leaders also keep up with the latest vacation specials. There are many sites which provide a detailed list of Florida Investment Properties with lists of virtually every city available. There are other sites to check out for lists of Florida Investment Properties or you can contact your realtor.

Florida Investment Properties are a unique and relaxing way to spend your vacations. Florida Investment Properties are unlike any other homes in their embassy of carefree Florida living. Whether you breathe in the ocean from your balcony or take in the sun on an inland patio, a condominium gives you a chance to make Florida your home for as long as you and your family can. Florida investment properties are one way to participate in the growing tourism and real estate prices.

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Best Miami Restaurants


Miami has a diverse population and its restaurant scene is at least as widespread as are the roots of its residents. There has been a continuous advancement trend in Miami's culinary scheme in recent years. The city is not famous for its local Michelin Starred chefs, but it does host a multitude of world-class chefs. However, if you're not a big fan of Latin flavors, no worries, great courses of curry, tapas and sushi are easily found round the corner.

Best Pizza

Steve's Pizza

This is a cozy North Miami place with few tables inside and more on outside. It's hard to describe this restaurant without using the next words: THE BEST PIZZA. Pizzas come with tomato sauce and amazing gooey-cheesy on long slices of fresh-baked dough in a traditional New York style. If you don't want to settle for something you would normally order, try the "special," filled with pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and anchovies. The Garlic rolls are also worth of mentioning.

12101 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL

Best Seafood

Joe's Stone Crab

Get ready for waiting for a table, that's how good and popular this traditional seafood heaven is. And no, they don't take don't take any reservations. Their menu is very varied, atmosphere is lovely and the service is top-notch. Joe's serves the best grab-legs in town together with large side dishes. The experience they have of preparing the grabs comes with the long experience. This restaurant has served the Miami Beach folk since 1913. Must-go place once you're in town, but save this for a special occasion, the night might get a bit pricy.

11 Washington Avenue / South Beach

Best Sushi

Shibui Japanese Restaurant

This two-story Japanese restaurant delights its customers with Japanese style seating (giant pillows on the floor) upstairs. Sushi is always fresh and the customer service has never let me down. Try sushi for the first time or eat it weekly, this is the place to go. And the prices are very reasonable.

10141 Sunset Dr, Kendale Lakes, FL

Best Desserts


Even though it's a "typical" Italian restaurant, Sosta has something surprisingly special: an award-winning pastry chef Antonio Bachour, who is in charge of Sosta's dessert menu. Try out his delicious torta di cioccolato with pistachio gelato, or tiramisu made with Gianduja or maybe a creamy vanilla panna cotta. If all this sees boring for someone more familiar with Italian desserts, what about an eight-inch Nutella pizza? That is what real fusion food should be like!

1025 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL

Best Hamburger

Jr's Gourmet Burgers

Gourmet but homemade style burgers which are always cooked perfectly and the service is friendly. Together with burgers, try out some sweet potato fries with cinnamon and sugar! My personal favorite burger: Acosta, topped with black pepper aioli, Swiss cheese, and French onions.

7 Westward Drive
Miami Springs, FL 33166

Best Curry

Soi Asian Bistro

This little, minimalistically decorated 30-seater restaurant is one of the few Curry places that exist the next time you want to go back. The turnover in Asian restaurants is high in Miami. Their Massaman is perhaps the best curry you can find in this city. The portions are big, the miso soup and sushi are also very recommendable and the waiters will most likely find a room for you even though the place would be full, as it usually is, and for a reason!

134 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL

Best Thai Restaurant

Lotus Garden Restaurant

Family-owned classic Thai cuisine, with a Vietnamese twist in it, serves solid quality from year to year. The portions are large and if you come here for once or twice, the owner Cathy Nguyen or her mother will most likely remember what the thing you ordered last time was. Take out or stay in, the dish will be delicious. And if you're a vegetarian, you finally have lots to choose from!

318 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL

Best Brazilian Restaurant

Texas de Brazil Churrascaria

Don't even take a look at the dessert menu of this place, I assure you, you won't have any room for sweet after eating your main course. This Brazilian chain restaurant is a meat eater's paradise. And don't worry for taking you're vegetarian friend here, their salad bar itself is also a treat. Eat as much as can, the waiter will keep coming with meat until you show him red card as a sign of being full. If going at lunch hour, sleep a siesta afterwards.

11401 NW 12th St # 514
Miami, FL 33172


Homestead-Miami Speedway Leaves Spectators in Smoke!


For all of the adrenaline-seekers and race car fans out there, the Homestead-Miami Speedway offers everyone the opportunity to burn rubber on the same cement slabs that legends Jimmie Johnson and Danica Patrick, just to name a few, have graced with their very own tire tread marks!

Johnson himself has been crowned NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion four consecutive times in the season-ending Ford 400 at the Miami Speedway. In addition, Patrick has consistently represented the Izod IndyCar Series and was a challenger to beat at this South Florida track. Now just as the IndyCar drivers do, NASCAR competitors have to fear her as she races there on the championship weekend of NASCAR racing.

The Homestead-Miami Speedway presents the general public the chance to proudly race their own automobiles on the track, an experience visitors at Bluegreen Resort, Solara Surfside, just can not pass up while in Miami, Florida! For the minor cost of twenty dollars, fans can race their street-legal cars on an eight of a mile straightaway on almost any Friday night after 6 pm How many other people can say they have abused where the professionals have on the same Florida Speedway that has seen six major races between the NASCAR and IndyCar alone?

The TnT experience, test 'n' tune, allows drivers unlimited turns to try and beat past records, or to simply make their own personal-best times. Overseen by professional race track employees, you can go head to head with other racers to vie for fastest car, as your times are recorded with the same highly technical equipment used for the pros!

Do not forget to bring your own fans along to cheer you on and to take photos from the Pit Road Cabanas, so that you always can remember your time as a race car driver!

For those just as fond of their vehicles but less thrilled to race, the Homestead-Miami Speedway allows owners to prominently display their cars for fifteen dollars in the exact garages that NASCAR, IndyCar, and Grand-Am use for races. The displays are for car enthusiasts to come and enjoy, while the owners proudly stand by. Those not looking to race or to display can simply enjoy the racing action from the Pit Cabanas for only ten bucks!

Although Speedway TnT is an incredibly popular event on non-racing weeks, the Homestead Speedway has several other well-liked events including the karting program, which is a great way of improving team-unity and community within an organization or group. The Luxury Driving Experience also brings out high-speed fans for an exhilarating tour around the Miami Speedway's 2.21 mile course in luxurious sports and exotic cars. Lastly, the Richard Petty Driving Experience and Indy Racing Experience both consist of private driver's lessons and ride-alongs.

Although the non-sporting events draw large crowds and fans to the speedway, there is nothing like attending one of the major six races held year round, and personally experiencing the vibrating sensations of thundering engines speeding by at speeds faster than the blink of an eye ! The power melt is like none other! Whether in attendance for the race, qualification, or even practice rounds, any NASCAR, IndyCar, or Grand-Am event is unforgivable!

The beginning of racing season in Miami usually tends to be around the month of March with the Grand Prix of Miami, the Grand-Am's R0LEX Sports Car Series. One of the series' toughest tracks to maneuver, drivers come prepared to earn the prestige of being the best road racer.

After the Grand Prix, the next race at the Homestead-Miami Speedway is not until the beginning of autumn when the IndyCar's take their turn battling it out for the championship. The Firestone Indy Lights Miami 100 allows open-wheel drivers to earn rides in the top tier of their sport, the Izod IndyCar Series. Stars such as Patrick, Dario Franchitti, Helio Castroneves, and Sam Hornish Jr. are featured in the 200 lap race around the 1.5 mile Homestead oval for the series championship, which then helps decide the Miami 300.

Most anticipated in November is the United States' most popular weekend for motorsports, and one of Miami's main yearly attractions, the NASCAR Championship. NASCAR Championship weekend combines three events. The Ford 200 completes the Camping World Truck Series. The Ford 300 closes out the Nationwide Series, an apprenticeship series much like the Indy Lights series. Patrick, the best-known if not most accomplished female open-wheel driver ever, began crossing over to NASCAR in 2010, racing in the Nationwide Series.

Talk about saving the best for last. The final race of the weekend is the Ford 400, 267 times around the track for series points that determine the championship and final season driver standings. So much is at stake each year for stars like Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart, and that invariably makes the Ford 400 the most compelling race of the year.

Whether visiting South Florida during a major racing event or not, the Homestead-Miami Speedway is a great attraction for you and the family. On a Friday night, race your car, check out the auto-show, or even watch others racing! You never know, you may even end up watching a future NASCAR champion in action!