Free Apple MacBook Games


Anyone can download and enjoy free Apple MacBook games. While the games that are compatible with Windows OS is not compatible with the OS installed on MacBooks, special versions of the games are available for the MacBook. Additionally, Apple too has introduced a few games into the market for the Mac OS X.

There are some very cool free Apple MacBook games available online. From remakes of the classic games, to brand new exciting games, there is a wide variety of games available for MacBooks. These games are offered free of cost on a number of sites, where all a person has to do to download the games is to sign up with the sites and complete a few formalities. However, some sites allow you to download games free, no strings attached!

Feel the pleasure of playing free Apple MacBook games with adventures, puzzles and magic: Azada. The aim of the game is to release Titus, who is trapped in the magical book called Azada. Each of the pages inside the book has interesting jigsaw puzzles, based on objects and logic. Each of the pages from the book needs to be solved before the main character of the game is free. In the second version of the game, although Titus is free from the book of magic, he needs to still be freed from the danger of magic spell. Enter more than twenty books and solve all the puzzles to free Titus’ uncle from the witch’s spell.

Another free Apple MacBook game for children who love Christmas is Christmasville; the goal is to find Santa Claus, who is missing. Christmasville is a game where the player has to find Santa Claus by working his or her way through eighty odd stages of the game and meet loads of creatures that are associated with the season: Reindeers, the Abominable Snowman, etc. players have to collect hidden objects that aid in finding Santa.

Build It! Miami Beach Resort is another free Apple MacBook game that is available for download on a few select sites. Build your city and watch it grow every year, make money from renting out hotel rooms, running restaurants and more. Enjoy playing the game with tropical environments, unique hotels and shops and build your city through decades together!