Hyundai is Rising in the South


Hyundai’s automotive sales in its Southern region is continuing it’s double digit increase in sales volume. The top markets in the Southern Region are up 41% over last year and had an increase in March of 58%, these numbers are staggering. With Raleigh-Durham, NC having a gigantic 86% increase in March over March 2009, that puts the group up 69% year to date, leading the Southern region. Miami, FL is second in the region in percent of increase with a 79% increase in sales for March, putting them up 59% for the year. Another North Carolina group, Charlotte, had a 34% increase in March and are up 50% versus last year. The Washington, DC area is close behind Charlotte with a 47% increase over last year.

In Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL, these groups are both up 43%, with Baltimore, MD close behind up 40% for 2010. West Palm Beach, FL and Norfolk, VA are both up almost 38% on the year with Norfolk, VA having a 76% increase in sales for March. Tampa and Ft. Myers, FL markets were both up 34% and Tampa had a 52% increase versus March sales last year. This time last year the Tampa group was not part of an ad association and I would expect those extra advertising dollars to really help drive that area in sales for 2010. Orlando, FL is currently up 29% over last year, followed by Richmond, VA that is up 16% over 2010.

With the new 2011 Sonata recently released and Hyundai going in to their push to clean out the remaining 2010 Elantra look for big increase in sales from Hyundai in 2010.